Friday, January 3, 2014

Girls Wire Rosary

This is the first of what I (hope!) will be many of my children's rosaries. :-)

Because it was my first children's rosary, I wanted to stick with the typical bead and rose theme. I made this rosary with wire to ensure that it will not break for the sometimes rough treatment from children. :-) The beads are all hand-rolled out of polymer clay as well as the roses, with pink glass beads as separators. Comes with a rose center with Our Lady of Fatima on the back, and a 2 inch crucifix.

This rosary is very durable, it has been stretched and "tested" by my 4 year old daughter. :-) (She is pictured holding the rosary.)

Both the clay and glaze are non-toxic.

The rosary is about 22 inches in length, is glazed for shine and protection. It is water-proof but not soak proof, and comes in a pouch or box.

If you're interested in purchasing this rosary, please visit my Etsy shop.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blue and Purple Cane One Decade Rosary

This is a one decade rosary, made with polymer clay using the "cane" technique which is using clay to make a picture inside of clay. The beads here are of no picture in particular; mostly a pattern and design inspired by stain glass windows. Very pretty and unique, not many rosaries like this!

The Our Father bead is of the same clay design, except that it has been rolled into a ball.

The beads are very hardy and *almost* unbreakable; it is as durable as any other rosary bead and can be put inside pockets. It is water-proof as well, but don't let it go through the wash. :-)

*Because the "cane" technique requires more clay and more time, prices are slightly higher with cane rosaries.*

If you are interested in purchasing this rosary, please visit my store.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pope Francis Rosary

This is the Pope Francis rosary--the first rosary I have ever made of a pope! :-)

Every bead is hand-rolled out of polymer clay; this rosary has alternating colors of gold-colored clay (mixed with translucent) and pearl colored clay to honor the colors of the papacy.

The Padre beads are handmade roses also with pearl clay. The two leaves add a little decoration and color to the roses, and they are both glued down with a lot of glue. (Note: the leaves may eventually come off.)
The center is a base metal picture of Pope Francis; on the other side there is the Papal Seal.

The crucifix is the "Pope Francis" crucifix; it shows Jesus on the cross with a multitude of sheep behind him.

If you're interested in purchasing this rosary, you can do so at my Etsy shop.