Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blue and Purple Cane One Decade Rosary

This is a one decade rosary, made with polymer clay using the "cane" technique which is using clay to make a picture inside of clay. The beads here are of no picture in particular; mostly a pattern and design inspired by stain glass windows. Very pretty and unique, not many rosaries like this!

The Our Father bead is of the same clay design, except that it has been rolled into a ball.

The beads are very hardy and *almost* unbreakable; it is as durable as any other rosary bead and can be put inside pockets. It is water-proof as well, but don't let it go through the wash. :-)

*Because the "cane" technique requires more clay and more time, prices are slightly higher with cane rosaries.*

If you are interested in purchasing this rosary, please visit my store.

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