Friday, January 3, 2014

Girls Wire Rosary

This is the first of what I (hope!) will be many of my children's rosaries. :-)

Because it was my first children's rosary, I wanted to stick with the typical bead and rose theme. I made this rosary with wire to ensure that it will not break for the sometimes rough treatment from children. :-) The beads are all hand-rolled out of polymer clay as well as the roses, with pink glass beads as separators. Comes with a rose center with Our Lady of Fatima on the back, and a 2 inch crucifix.

This rosary is very durable, it has been stretched and "tested" by my 4 year old daughter. :-) (She is pictured holding the rosary.)

Both the clay and glaze are non-toxic.

The rosary is about 22 inches in length, is glazed for shine and protection. It is water-proof but not soak proof, and comes in a pouch or box.

If you're interested in purchasing this rosary, please visit my Etsy shop.

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