Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pope Francis Rosary

This is the Pope Francis rosary--the first rosary I have ever made of a pope! :-)

Every bead is hand-rolled out of polymer clay; this rosary has alternating colors of gold-colored clay (mixed with translucent) and pearl colored clay to honor the colors of the papacy.

The Padre beads are handmade roses also with pearl clay. The two leaves add a little decoration and color to the roses, and they are both glued down with a lot of glue. (Note: the leaves may eventually come off.)
The center is a base metal picture of Pope Francis; on the other side there is the Papal Seal.

The crucifix is the "Pope Francis" crucifix; it shows Jesus on the cross with a multitude of sheep behind him.

If you're interested in purchasing this rosary, you can do so at my Etsy shop.

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